project description

when our social environment degenerates dramatically (due to economical, political or natural forces)… what can we do? what do we want to do?

Arbitrary Gravity is a project about reacting to change. About changing the changes we don’t want to accept.

First, it is aimed at encouraging people to think critically about the social status quo they live in. Second, it has the goal of creating a participatory network to propose and support moral and emotional strategies of coping with a hypothetical or actual sudden social change.

The project has 2 parts:

first, an art installation containing one illustrated short story in an “oil-drawing-word collage” format, and translation of each sentence of the story into a different language. Also, an animated version of the story (in progress).

second, reaching out to people to share their stories of social change, to support each other and find ways to cope with these changes.






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