drawing what seemed to be a straight line on the wall, a “line reaching out toward its final point, an ideal just society”



when we zoom out, the line is actually a spiral, and the one who draws it, is floating in the air.



“Suddenly, things changed. I stared at my line in disbelief. My dad never told me “I told you”. His eyes were sadder than mine, for he had been right. The colors in the streets faded, and people’s faces acquired an expression I had never seen before.”













“Gravity vanished. We were not grounded in well-being anymore. There we were then, suspended in the air, not too high, not too low, still within the shadows of the buildings. Enough not to reach the ground, not to fly away. Our movements, our actions, were more arbitrary than ever. Eventually, even our beliefs and desires became arbitrary, weightless, as if our mental states themselves lost orientation and direction, unaffected by any reason, unmotivated by any will.”



“So I built a conceptual and material mechanism to simulate the reality I believed in. A gravitational force consisting of my best definitions of the concepts necessary to hold and sustain life, constructed and held together with the assumption that once our truth-seeking mind gets to know these concepts, it will never go back to the old ignorance. A wonderful bubble in which well-being was so obviously and easily attached to life, that the accusation of being detached from the outside reality was not enough to dismiss it.”





“All my efforts were spent on defying the new arbitrary gravity. I grew old. Now, perhaps due to some deficiency in my reasoning capacity, I cannot discern anymore where the right, unreal reality ends and the real, the wrong one starts.”


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